Our take on 2022

Can you believe we're at the end of 2022? The end of another year? As usual, it seems to have gone by quickly.
This time of year gets me in reflection mode. This time is a little different, though - I have chosen to focus on all the great things that have happened. I usually do the opposite (rehash the things I haven't done or haven't gone as planned).
So, I decided to think about one thing I am thankful for each month - journey with me, please :)
  • January - Thankful for the sales and reviews on 'Do you know?' books.
  • February - I fully recovered from surgery during childbirth.
  • March - My amazing friends & sister organised a karaoke dinner for my birthday. I absolutely loved it.
  • April - Spent time away with family celebrating my mum's 60th birthday; it was such a joy to see her soo happy. I’m really thankful we were able to do this.
  • May - My baby turned 5; he had the exact birthday celebration he wanted. I’m so thankful to God that we could give him this. We also celebrated my husband's 40th with close family and friends. Really grateful as he never wants to celebrate his birthday.
  • June - Joined the gym and enjoyed the results. I have since stopped 🙈 We try again in January 2023.
  • July - Finally had a day trip with Ru. We visited a museum with dinosaurs and generally explored London; he loved it.
  • August - My baby turned one; it's been a blessing to watch him grow and thrive.
  • September - I got clarity on one of my life's missions (you're already a part of it 😉).
  • October - I took a course to grow my relationship with God; it was one of my best decisions of the year.
  • November - I finally watched ‘Woman King’ and thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks to Mr. B.
  • December - I am enjoying returning to work and earning again; I am super grateful.
I have sat here filled with gratitude as I reflect on the year; very strange for me as reflection is generally synonymous with sadness for me. Although I focused on one key highlight per month, I found I had many more. I am fully aware of the things I haven't achieved yet, but for now, I choose to get my praise on for all God has done.
I asked Ru, my first son, about His year and all the things he was thankful for; he made a list too:
  • January - Thankful that I got better and well from the virus (COVID).
  • February - We had Zel’s baby dedication at church.
  • March - I had red velvet cake 🎂 for the first time, and I loved it really, really much (mum, can I have it for my next birthday, pleaseeee?).
  • April - My sister turned 1, and we had a Cocomelon party; the cake was soooooo yummy.
  • May - I had a super time at Top Jump for my birthday party, and all my friends were there.
  • June - Our school's disco was so much fun. We could buy things like glow sticks, and we had competitions, and we could dance 🕺
  • July - We went to the museum and saw fossils from dinosaur times, and I went to mummy’s university. I also played with one of my best friends (Tomare) lots of times.
  • August - My baby brother turned 1. Me and mummy blew lots of balloons 🎈 for his pictures, and we made something (a garland) with the balloons.
  • September - I was excited to start a new class but also a little shy. I think I was in the middle of being shy and excited.
  • October - My teacher, Mr. Hughes, got me a praise pad for my super phonics ✨
  • November - I went to Climb Quest for my friend - Rory’s party, and it was lots of fun.
  • December - Christmas was soooooo much fun; I had a sleepover and got lots of gifts 🎁. I also ate yummy food and treats.

We've both 'presented' these to each other whilst expanding on them; it really was heartwarming and funny. I will try to do this regularly, so help me, God 🙏🏽
Perhaps you and your little ones can make similar lists; we enjoyed sharing ours, and I'm sure you will too.
Do let me know how it goes; looking forward to it 😀
I hope you had a lovely Christmas; wishing you the most wonderful New Year 🌟
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