Curious Berries is a family business in every sense of the term. From in-house operations and product development to the homes of the toddlers it serves, the company’s mission is to ignite curiosity and glee in big-little humans through engaging faith-inspired resources and toys.

We aim to provide resources that support families that want to encourage and develop our core values in their little ones. Our resources are also designed to inspire a flourishing relationship with God.

What began as a quest by the founder to introduce her son to God in a simple, relatable way soon turned into accelerating orders from a growing community of parents looking for wholesome resources for their children.

Starting with its flagship book, “Do You Know?” (an illustrated 24-page day-in-the-life of a boy learning about God’s creative touch) and with posters, bible cards, puzzles, and other toys in the works, Curious Berries is developing a quality basket of products that nourish and nurture young minds while gently familiarising them with ideas that support it’s core values.

With Faith, Joy, Courage, Empathy, and Curiosity at its heart and all over its offerings, Curious Berries’ products are fresh, in season, and oh, so good for you.



Born and raised in Nigeria by the most loving parents, I realised at a young age that I had a knack for numbers, which translated into a love for accounting. I attended the University of Reading from age 16, graduated with a first class in accounting and economics at 19, earned a Master's in finance from Imperial College, London, and became a chartered accountant. My knack for numbers, it seemed, turned into a skill set I could count on.

As well as academic opportunities, my love for travel sparked a love for different cuisines and trying my hands at making them. I also love to dance, but my first loves are my family and my faith. Now married with two inquisitive sons—my curious berries—I’m devoted to their wellbeing and introducing them to my faith. It is that devotion that altered my trajectory.

In my search for books and toys for my family that were not only wholesome in their messages and gorgeous in their aesthetic but also close to indestructible by my sons, I came up disappointingly empty-handed. This made me begin to conceive my own line of resources for faith-based families like mine that were high-quality, fun, and supported virtues so often sidelined in the name of commerce.

My goal is to inspire my children and many like them—all my Curious Berries—to be confident, kind, empathetic, joyful, wise, and have fun whilst doing it all. I want them to enjoy a relationship with God, and I want them to live full lives.

I want my Curious Berries to thrive. I’m counting on it.